i want build a digital volume control with Arduino using the x9c103p (digital potentiometer) and any audio amplifier (for example lm386....module i got from ebay ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/200-Times-gain-5V-12V-LM386-Audio-Amplifier-Module-10K-Adjustable-Resistance-/381374674361?hash=item58cbb3b5b9:g:clcAAOxySoJTV96e)

any suggestion how to do this?


Have you studied the [u]datasheet[/u]?

I assume you know how to wire an analog-mechanical pot?

There are 3 digital inputs, which you need to connect to 3 Arduino outputs -

Chip Select - Write a low to that pin first.

Up/Down - Write a high if you want to wiper to go up (toward RH) and write a low if you want it to go down.

Increment - Alternately write low & high and the pot will take one step (up or down) on every falling edge of this pin.

Write a high to Chip Select to lock-in the setting.

As you may know, volume controls are exponential ([u]audio taper[/u]) due to our logarithmic hearing. A linear pot will sound way too loud at the mid point.

Since digital pots are linear, sometimes you can compensate for that in software. But with up/down controls, your software may not know where the pot is set. In any case, don’t be surprised if the pot doesn’t sound like it’s operating linearly.

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