XBee 101?

Hey guys…

The MotoMama motor driver board I got my daughter recently has an XBee socket, so I thought I’d look into using XBee eventually to run her robot. So far, all the tutorials I’ve looked at are really cr@p and I’m no nearer understanding XBee. Off hand, I can’t say what sites I’ve visited, but would really appreciate a link to any simple tutorials.

Edit: LadyAda’s tutorial looks quite good so far.

So far all I know is that it’s a wireless protocol (or more correctly a product using a wireless protocol?), that I need an XBee to slot into my MM board, and another one to slot into the PC USB on a carrier board kind of thing. Then I guess some code on both ends to do some chit-chat and make the robot do stuff…

All contributions welcome 8)



There is a much easier method by using an XBee with WiFi support. There is one from Digi (the company behind the ZigBee stuff you was mentioning) too but the RN-XV (also called WiFly, a shield with this is also available from Roving Networks) is much cheaper and easier to use (has library support for Arduino).
Other options would be the Wifi Bee from Seeed Studio which includes a almost complete Arduino on the Bee so you can handle all network stuff on that one and let your main Arduino to the robot things.

With the Arduino having WiFi you don’t need a special hardware on your Notebook because todays devices already have support for WLAN onboard.

Thanks pylon...

Looking at this tutorial too

I use these, http://shop.ciseco.co.uk/xrf-wireless-rf-radio-uart-rs232-serial-data-module-xbee-shape-arduino-pic-etc/ They have the xbee form factor so will plug straight into an xbee shield and work right out of the box as Uarts

I use the Series 2 modules and I think they seriously rock. Bit of a learning curve once you get into API mode, but that's the way many worthwhile things are. This book got me off to a good start: http://www.amazon.com/Building-Wireless-Sensor-Networks-Processing/dp/0596807732/ref=sr_1_1