XBEE-24ZB sparkfun explorer board and XCTU issue

I have been using xbee series 1 quite a while.Now i bought series 2 which are zigbee modules but still using the same old usb explorer board from sparkfun.But i am getting lot of issues with just connecting XCTU with series 2 xbee modules.When I press the Test/Query button on XCTU PC settings tab, it reads the modem sometimes and most time it says 'Unable to read the modem'. And Sometimes when it says"'Unable to read the modem' I go to Modem Configuration tab and press "Read" button and it reads the modem and gives me the correct version and I can configure the modem and I can even press "Write" and it works. And again if i go back and press Test/Query it says="Unable.....".But it has been reading Series 1 just fine.I get these lot of werid issues only with Series 2.I bought those from digi. Are there anyones who came across similar issues. I would appreciate for any input.Thanks

Which series 2 radios? Some are higher power than the breakout board can handle.

The old breakout board was useless and couldn't handle any of the series 2 modules, the newer breakout board still doesn't have much power and for the XBee Pro ZB modules I don't think it has enough.

Ok Just had a long chat with Digi Experts.Thanks for your input guys.My Series 2 radios are not pro versions.Here is the summary of chat with my problem. **Instructions on how to change AT and API command mode for series 2*** There are two steps write process in order to upload the API code to the radio 1>First you upload the code with the Write.This means select what function of zigbee you want(Co-ordinator API/AT or End device AT/API.Read the baude rate on Serial Interfacing and make sure it is 9600.If not change to 9600. Let it error out on setting the parameters **The error is "Action Required.....".For xbee radio you need to press the Reset button.Pressing reset button makes the reset pin go low.Within seconds after pressing reset button ,ther error goes away and the XCTU starts programming the radio. After XCTU gets done with it,it will give same error,press reset button again.Then it will give error saying "Error Setting AT Parameters.Either parameter is not supported......".Then Press Ok. 2>Now go to the PC settings tab on XCTU and and enable the API function.And on the modem configuratin tab,do a show defaults and one more Write.Thats it The first Write will upload the code where as the second Write will write the parameters to the radio. I am able to program mine with above instrutions.But i read the issue of power handling of USB explorer board.Also that sparkfun usb board does not have reset button.I also have a old Maxstream RS232 development board which has a Reset button. Please comment on the above or are there other ways of doing it or are there better explorer board out there like ladyada.net or somehere.All inputs would be appreciated.

The ones I have are 2mW output (+3dBm) Series 2 xbees from digikey.com manufacturer:Digi

arduinokid, how did you get in contact with the Digi expert?? I have major problems trying to read after writing new parameters in API mode. Thanks

@Chesskid.. sorry for replying late..i guess i was supposed to get a message in my inbox for replies in my thread..but it didnt wokr..anyways Digi experts are available during office hours in week days..I think M-F. http://www.digi.com/ At the bottom right of the page,there is phone,email and chat.Click chat give your information and you are connected to an agent. Usually sales person pick the chat,,tell them to transfer you to the technician.. Regarding your issue,I had similar situation.I think main issue was old sparkfun breadout board cannot supply enough power for Series 2 Xbees.And other thing to remember is,there are two write process for API firmware update in Series 2 as I explained above. Thanks