XBEE 900 - Arduino Mini


I couldn't find an answer for this extreme conditions, and before buying anything I just want to be sure.

The problem is this:
I need Ardunio to be as small as possible and my communication range is as large as possible (at least around 1-3 km).
So I thougt Ardunio Mini + XBee 900 Mhz Pro would be great for me. BUT is the current needed by XBee too much (around 265mA @ 3.3V) for a Arduino Mini? What is meant by 40 mA per pin? Or the 150mA is the limit for whole operation?
Just using a simple 300 feet XBee with a good antenna at ground would give me what I want? I mean is the range tolerable by usage of a good antenna at receiver side? At receiver no power problem.
What do you suggest for my problem?

Thanks a lot.

What is meant by 40 mA per pin?

When you turn a digital pin on, the device connected to it should not draw more than 40 mA.

Or the 150mA is the limit for whole operation?

If all the pins are turned on at once, the total current draw should not exceed 150 mA.

So, there is no way to power the XBee using a single digital pin. But, since the Mini doesn't take shields, this should not be a problem. Power the XBee separately from the Arduino. It can be the same battery powering both of them, with grounds connected.

Do not expect the Arduino to source enough current to power the XBee.

Oh, OK.
So you are saying there is nothing wrong to power XBee directly from the source.
Thanks a lot.