Xbee And Arduino: Aliasing, Sample Rate, Data Rate, and more

I am working on a telemetry project. My setup is the following. I have an Arduino Uno R3 collecting analog data from 6 different sensors into its 6 analog pins. The Arduino is connected to a battery and a Xbee Series 1 (802.15.4). I have the other Xbee Series 1 connected to my laptop via a USB cable. I have the Xbees configured in AT mode (transparent mode) and I am able to receive data wirelessly from the Arduino to my laptop. I can view the incoming data on the serial port.

I know that the Xbee Series 1 has a RF data rate of 250,000 bps and serial interface data rate of 1200 bps to 250000 bps. I also know that the Arduino baud rate is set for 9600 bps in my code. And that the code prints the 6 values with commas in between (i.e. 102.5,56.8,1.5,6.7,456.8,44.5). The Arduino analog to digital converter is 10 bits. Serial print converts each value into a character which takes 8 bits of memory. Am I losing 2-bits of data when I use Serial.print?

My questions are the following. How can I know how much more data I can transmit over the Xbees before I get aliasing (I want to stay above the Nyquist frequency). I would prefer the Arduino sampling rate to be at 60 Hz. I want to make sure the settings of the Xbee and Arduino are fine and that I won't be losing any data. With sending 6 analog values over from one Xbee to the other should I change any parameters? Is there a way for me to calculate how much load I am placing on the Xbees. For example, by sending 2 analog values I am using 5% of the Xbee's data rate capability.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you.