XBee and bluetooth

Hi Guys, I try to comunicate with the arduino duelimanove by using bluetooth. Here is the hardwares I bought: -http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/bluetooth-bee-p-598.html -http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/xbee%C3%82%C2%AE-shield-v11-by-seeedstudio-p-419.html I have first to configure the BT module with X-CTU, but nothing works... Has someone ever used one of both this modules? Do you know weither they are compatible? Thanks

Do you know weither they are compatible?

I think you answered your own question:

I have first to configure the BT module with X-CTU, but nothing works

Wherever did you get the idea that bluetooth and XBee are compatible?

OK. I just looked at the link for the bluetooth bee. That's a strange device. Build to be pin compatible with an XBee shield, but that's where the compatibility ends. Different frequencies, different protocols, and different purposes.

Thanks for your answer.
I’m sorry, I don’t speak well english so I’ll try to be clear.
If the bluetooth Bee has been built to ben pin compatible with a XBee Shield, both should work together, should’nt they?
I try to links my laptop with this module. When I reset the BT, it sends to my computer by USB (using X-CTU) this following informations:
WORK:SLAVER i.e he works as a slave…
+BTSTATE:0 (Initialization)

+BTSTATE:1 (ready)

It’s the default configuration. I have now to set it enable for inquiring.
But it’s the only informations I can exchange with the module. I can’t send anything to him.
I don’t know what else I could try.
Do you thing I can directly connect the module with the arduino without the XBee shield?

If you have a television and an output motor that fit in the same space, do you think that they are interchangeable?

You are using a tool that tunes TV channels to configure your outboard motor. Of course that isn't going to work.

Paul, I think you may be misunderstanding him. It looks like he's trying to connect his Bluetooth enabled Arduino to his Bluetooth enabled laptop. The equipment he has should be able to do it, but I have no experience with Bluetooth so I can't help beyond that.

I'd contact Seedstudio to make sure that you've got them connected properly and that you're issuing the commands correctly.

ETA: OK, having re-read his posts I'm not sure what Bluetooth device he's connecting to, beyond trying to communicate with the Arduino over USB. Should still work though.

ETA Again! I really should read more carefully. What's X-CTU? :-[ Maybe this is what the problem is. If this is specifically used to configure XBee, then i doubt it would work. However, the shield just gives access to the device, so you should be able to configure it with the appropriate commands. Again - ask Seedstudio.

I didn't understand Paul's answer... I contacted seestudio and wait for them answer. Someone in the French forum told me that his device (he's got a Blutooth bee too) has been able to be paired since the first time he connected it with the arduino... X-CTU his a software that first allows to communicate with your COM ports with differents options (baudrate, databits etc.) and also gives you a graphical interface to configure your XBee module. I don't know what to do to make it work...

and also gives you a graphical interface to configure your XBee module.

But, you don’t have a XBee module. You have a bluetooth module that fits in the same holder as an XBee module. It is pin-compatible, but that is the only compatibility that exists between the thing you have and an XBee that X-CTU knows how to talk to.

X-CTU is a software provided by Digi to be used together with their XBee module.

For the Bluetooth Bee, you need to send strings of command to the Bluetooth Bee as shown in the manual.

They both have same footprint, but that doesn’t make them capable of using the same configuration software.

I understand. I believed that X-CTU allowed me to talk with the BT Bee throught the XBee adaptater. In fact I also tried with other softwares like the serial port monitor of arduino's software or sscom32E that have more options. But when I send the configuration that are described in the BT Bee manual, the module (or sscom32E) answers 'ERROR' whereas it can write 'WORK: SLAVER'. It's strange... I will try to connect me to it with other BT device. I sent an e-mail to seedstudio but they do still not answer.

I just found a similar module to the Bluetooth Bee, its called the XBlue module... it's a bit more expensive but the documentation seems a lot more comprehensive. Check it out at http://mtlnav.com/documentation/xblue/xblue_ds_v0_1.pdf

By the way, I asked for a question and somebody replied to me real quick. I thought it might interest you...