xbee and ethernet shields on a same arduino

Hello all,

I am building a small perimeter surveillance project for home using two arduinos acting as nodes connected by xbee series 2 modules…one arduino is connected to a PIR sensor that will detect motion and send data to the other arduino via xbee…

now I want the second arduino to recieve the data and turn on an IP camera that’ll capture the motion and upload it to the internet…I want to use both the ethernet and the xbee shields on this arduino but dont know how…i tried searching internet but it further confused me about ICSP pins and how the some ethernet or xbee shields wont expose them to the other shield…im attaching a picture of the Xbee shield that i am using (its from funduino.com). is this shield stackable with an ethernet shield without needing modifications? can i buy shields that are compatible with each other? is there any other device that will give me this kind of connectivity to an arduino…i have yet to buy an ethernet shield… can somebody please help me with this?..thanks for reading

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