Xbee and IMU wiring

Hi all,

So here is the thing, the aim is to send data wirelessly between two XBee units. The Xbee unit sending data receives its voltage supply via the IMU, voltage in 3.3v and out 2.7v (it should be 3.3v). The affect of the voltage drop means the Xbee is not working to its full potential ...

I'm looking at this thinking it would be better to power each unit separately, but I am concerned that this will result in a voltage over-supply.

How should I be thinking about this?

Thanks again!

We can't guess what is happening without more information - what IMU? Is it meant to be providing 2.7V or is that the problem (perhaps it is overloading the PSU?) Which XBee (how much current does it need) and how is it wired?