Xbee and interference.

If i want to mount 2 xbees on an aircraft will they function independantly ?

Basically i would like to add an xbee to a drone for something else, drone may already have similar attatched.

If you want them to function independently, and set them up that way, they will.

XBee can be set up to use numerous forms of addressing to prevent XBees from receiving messages that aren't intended for them. Consult the XBee manual for more information.

I have a standalone xbee equipped module i wish to atattch to a drone.

I have no control over the drone communications setup.

It interferes sometimes with control of said drone sometimes.

I need some sort of automatic means of setting up the strap on device without faffing on.

My knowledge of xbee and wifi is very limited, although alone i have the module working as i want it.

The modules are closely spaced and i suspect interference to be the problem.

I suppose, if both the Xbee and the drone are on WiFi, same channel, there could be some problems. Can you change anything about either one of them? a 900MHz Xbee might be an easy fix...