xbee and internet

I am working on a project that uses xbee on Arduino to transmit sensor data to our web server via digi connectport X4 gateway.


I've read about an open source software - XIG or xbee internet gateway - that can be installed on the gateway to allow xbee to connect to the internet.


From online documentation, this software is only able to support HTTP GET if you just print "HTTP://server.address/app?value=123\r". I will get a response but I don't think I can see the HTTP response header.

I would like to do a bit better, establish a TCP connection and send a full HTTP 1.1 request header with POST data and receive the full HTTP 1.1 response header with data. Is it possible or am I asking too much from an xbee module (xbee pro digimesh 900)? Thanks!

There might be some connectport projects that deal with TCP. I'll post something when I find some interesting resources.