xbee and lilypad

Hello all,

This is my first time playing with lilypads, and with xbees.

I have a lilypad, a lilypad xbee breakout, a lilypad accelerometer, and an xbee explorer.

I am attempting to route to Max/MSP/Jitter via serial data.

I downloaded this code/patch for testing purposes. It works pretty well once I changed the last 'print' of the arduino code to simply print (" ").

(the Arduino2Max_withDigOut download)

So: I am getting sensor data through Max fine when I attach the lilypad directly to the computer via A FDTI Breakout board.

My xbee's also seem to be communicating when I run this test:

I hooked everything up according to this tutorial:

If my xbees are talking to each other, and the arduino code functions when not using the xbees, what might I be missing here? baud rates match, rx is hooked to tx and vice versa, everything is powered.

The lilypads (the main board and the xbee breakout) seem to come up with the same serial port: usbserial-AH02M6FO

The Explorer comes up with another: usbserial-DA00WSH2

Is this a problem?

Using OSX Mavericks.

I'm running out of troubleshooting options, please help. Thanks!

~ Sara