Xbee and wireless camera under water

What do you think the feasibility is of communicating with Series 1 Xbee underwater? To add to that is there anyway to communicate with a wireless webcam under water? This is all assuming that they are in a waterproof enclosure.

RF under water at 'normal' frequencies supposedly does not work well. Need longer wavelength stuff. But you can try it - put both sender & receiver in ziploc type bags and give it a shot.

I'll give it a try. Any other ideas of ways to communicate wirelessly underwater? It seems to be a lot more complicated than I had originally thought after reading some stuff online.

Sound waves. They travel really well under water - works for whales, dolphins, submarines... Little tougher to receive/decode tho.

Sounds good. Thanks.

The XBee will certainly work underwater, however its signal will be attenuated. Obviously the more water, the worse things will get. Any of the 900 MHz XBees should perform better than the 2.4 GHz ones.

And hey if you do test this, please do post your results, we’d all like to know what you found.

There are some relatively simple ways to communicate wirelessly underwater but it gets exponentially more complicated that faster you want to transmit. For instance, I have heard of people using homemade hydrophones (similar to those used in whale watching) to communicate point to point. These hydrophones are essentially a water sealed piezo device. This device can be operated as a transceiver since it can be driven to generate sound waves and then generate a signal when subjected to sound waves. It is pretty straightforward after that to devise some sort of protocol for communication of simple I/o addresses and states for you receiving device. I'd start by searching for roll-your-own type hydrophones.

Btw, I'm a big freaking nerd for knowing this.