XBee AnsiC and Arduino

Hello everybody,

I am quite new to arduino and also to XBee.

I want to develop a cross-platform (windows and linux) application for sending and receiving data through an XBEE to several XBEEs connected to arduinos.

I'm using XBEE S1 modules and Arduino Nanos.

As a library for the Windows/Linux side I chose the ANSI-C Library from Digitech. So I installed the Digimech firmware to the XBEEs and configure the one attached via usb-explorer in API [1] mode. The one attached to the arduino is currently configured in transparent mode and connected via SoftwareSerial (D2, D3).

When I send Data to the Arduino I can read it properly without any further needed transformations due to the whole sent frame. That seemed to work quite well for me.

But up to now I have not managed to send any information from the Arduino back. First I thought about using the xbee-arduino library, but as I understood it is not possible to use the SoftwareSerial, isn't it? Can it cope with the DigiMesh firmware?

Or is there an easier way to send Data to a known Adress in the Network?

Thank you in advance for your help and patience with an unexperienced user.