XBEE antenna question

I have been looking at Xbee RF modules 2.4Ghz

XB24-ACI-001 ($19 and XB24-Z7WIT-004($21 Pro- series 2 Should I go with the straight 802.15.4 or Pro or series 2 Does the onboard chip antenna or little wire antenna make any big difference? Looking to build a home weather station I have two XBEE shields for Unos on order I will be using Win7 and XP Thanks

If you are getting just two, series 2 modules (mesh network) make little sense. The series 1 (point to point) models are much easier to configure and get to work exchanging data.

What are using the XBees for? What range do you need them to work over? It doesn't make sense, to me, to buy a higher power XBee, and then short change it by giving it an itty-bitty antenna (chip). Get the wire model, if the longer antenna won't pose a problem.

I want to make a run from the deck to the living room about 30 feet thru one wall, maybe a third xbee in the bedroom about 35 feet away. Most models I have looked at have a little wire antennas. So do you think just a cheap low power module should work for home? point to point. Not sure I understand mesh network. I don't think I seen any modules that say series 1. I have been looking at the Digi/maxstream at Digikey. Thanks

These are the Series 1 modules. These are the Series 2 modules.

I haven't used the S1 modules, but I've found the S2 modules easy enough to work with. Might as well have the mesh capability, I figure, since it just works, you don't have to do anything. Besides, the S2 modules, when bought direct from Digi (cheapest I've found), are a couple bucks cheaper, and have slightly better specs (TX power and RX sensitivity). S1 for $19, S2 for $17.

You won't need Pro modules around the house, the low-power modules have worked great for me. If you don't have a real reason to use the chip antenna, then use the wire antenna, as signal strength is quite a bit better.

If the XBee does not says series 2 on it, it is series 1.

So do you think just a cheap low power module should work for home?

Work for what? XBees are not much good as paperweights. They are too light.