Xbee Arduino Programming in a mesh


Has anyone managed to program arduino’s that are connected into an xbee based mesh rather than a simple 1:1 xbee serial link ?



Hi Stuart,

I’m pretty green at all this stuff…and no, I haven’t programmed any Arduinos to work in an xbee mesh, but am currently underway. I’ve already purchased 6 xbees and several arduinos and am trying to figure out how to proceed. I don’t have any questions or answers, (and tried to send this as a personal message, but got the error “you must have a post count of 1 to send a personal message” - so I guess I must send this publicly.)

I have purchased 4 xbpros digimesh, and 2 xbp24 (I understand that they can be worked into a mesh network with a firmware upgrade - not sure I’ll know how to do that, but anyway…). 3 of the xbdigimesh have a RPSMA antenna, two of which will have a 2.1 dBi antenna, and one will have a Yagi antenna (8 dbi gain) and one with an ordinary chip antenna. A few of these xbees will be operating as data relays, and some will be operating with basic sensor units.

I am trying to find out how to do this economically - I think I can get the xbees that are running as relays to operate without any arduinos. At the sensor stations, I think I’ll need the arduinos to be part of gathering the sensor data (xbees wont really do that I don’t think).

So, my question for you is are you setting up a mesh network with arduinos?

Be well,



You may want to look into the Xbee chips a little closer because they do have analog inputs, so you should just be able to send that analog data back to your controller without doing any processing at each sensor node. This depends on what the output of your sensor is of course.