Xbee-arduino-smartphone bluetooth connection

Hi all

My project is to build a remote controlled boat using an android remote (with an app I HAVE TO create myself)
I heard about Xbee for his cheapness compared to other serie 1 bluetooth modules but I am worried about one thing :

Since Xbee uses Zigbee protocol, can my android phone send and receive informations from it ?
I will have my Xbee XB24-API-001 connected to an Arduino UNO

The real question is "how to transmit informations between an android device and an Xbee bluetooth module and an Arduino UNO? "

NB: I need to be able to control it until 100m

I'm fairly certain Zigbee is not compatible with bluetooth - that particular XBee will NOT work for your application. Look into HC-05, HC-06, or HM-10 modules.

Also, bluetooth has a max range of about 30m, nowhere close to 100m.