Xbee-arduino to xbee-computer and reading with python

Hi i’m working on a telemetry program for a car. I have two pro S2B xbees, an arduino uno, a seeedstudio xbee shield and a sparkfun xbee explorer. I believe that I’ve made a successful connection between the two xbees as I can use the arduino serial monitor and send a message with it to the other xbee.

I am simply trying to test the network and tried having the arduino-xbee print “hello” and to be read by the python code, but am not having much luck. I’ve tried using softwareserial as well.

Tried reading it in XCTU and could not see it either. The xbee should be able to simply replace the USB cable right and just blast out print “hello”? Like I said I can type hello into the serial monitor and see it just fine in the terminal of the computer-xbee.

Thank you

send_test.ino (806 Bytes)


Not a good idea to use that high a baud rate for software serial.

Why are you using SoftwareSerial when you are not using the hardware serial pins for anything?

How are the XBees configured? How is the XBee actually connected to the Arduino?