Xbee + Arduino UNO + ethernet shield


I’ve done a home automation system using Xbees, a master node and multiple slave nodes.
Now i want to connect the system to the internet wirelessly to change set points and get readings from master Xbee through a webpage.

I’m using the arduino UNO and ethernet shield, the webpage is made using front page. I’m just starting and i’m new to this so i need to know exactly what to do or just the steps i should go through do to get this done.

thankyou in advance.

Are you intending that the UNO act as a web server or is this frontpage work happening on another machine?

Not sure what you mean by wireless if you plan to use an ethernet shield - is it wifi or ethernet cable?

the uno will act as the web server .. i'm using front page just to get the html code of the interface.

i'm using an ethernet cable .. the arduino has an ip address so i can access it from any web browser

That may be a challenge on an Uno given its 2K of RAM. I'd suggest you find (or write) a sketch that serves up a minimal web page and once it's working on your network, combine it with your automation code and see how much RAM you've got left. Use of progmem may help you to reduce the RAM cost of the strings that make up your web page, but generally a site served up by an Uno will have to be pretty simple.

You can store page data on the SD card of course, but then you've got another library and the accompanying RAM cost of a file buffer.