XBee + Arduino Virtual wire

I have an Arduino+XBee in a base station. What I am interested in doign is having a remote XBee act as a virtual wire. I want the remote XBee to read a sensor on a IO pin, and have my base station's corresponding IO pin reflect the state of the remote XBee. I know this is possible with the Virtual Wire functionality. One problem is how? Anyone know of a tutorial? Also - equally as importatnt is my remote XBee will often be out of range. What happens to the Virtual Wire in that case? Ideally the sensor being "off" will be IO LOW, sensor being triggered would be IO HIGH, and out of range would be IO LOW (same as senseor not 'triggered'). Does anyone know if this is possible?

After several days of looking it turns out I was searching for the wrong term. I was looking for "XBee Virtual Wire". I was not able to find my answer. After searching for "xbee io line passing" I found it right away. In the interest of helping out if someone stumbles on this forum - here is what I found.


Thank you! :) However, the link doesn't seem to work. Can you post an updated link?