Xbee + Arduino

Hello all,

I’m Working on a Wireless sensor project using Arduino and XBee. I’m using API mode & XBee Arduino library for this project. I am able to transmit data from Transmitter XBee to Receiver Xbee and the received data packets can be seen in XCTU terminal but the problem occurs when I’m trying to view the data on Arduino serial monitor. I’m getting error code 3 which is Unexpected start byte. I have increased the delay by sending data every 5 seconds rather than 1 second.

I’m doubtful about receiving end. so I’m uploading code of the same.
I’m using REES52 Xbee module(pic uploaded) and Arduino UNO
5v to 5v
Gnd to Gnd
Rx to Tx of Arduino
Tx to Rx of Arduino

// Coordinator XBee Setup
#include <XBee.h>
XBee xbee = XBee();
XBeeResponse response = XBeeResponse();
ZBRxResponse rx = ZBRxResponse();

void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:


void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
if (xbee.getResponse().isAvailable()) {
if (xbee.getResponse().getApiId() == ZB_RX_RESPONSE) {
uint8_t P1 = rx.getData(0);
uint8_t P2 = rx.getData(1);
uint8_t P3 = rx.getData(2);
P1 = P1 - 48;
P2 = P2 - 48;
P3 = P3 - 48;
float pH = (P110)+(P2)+(P30.1);
uint8_t T1 = rx.getData(5);
uint8_t T2 = rx.getData(6);
T1 = T1 - 48;
T2 = T2 - 48;
int Temp = (T1*10)+T2;


Please help!!!