xbee baud rates and configuration questions

I have a project where I have one computer communicating to a bunch of different devices via xbee.

All of the peripheral devices will be communicated to as if they are the same. i.e. the computer will send a command and then all the devices have to react at the same time.

Up until now I have been using the xbee pros series 1 and have not configured them (i.e. I use them as they come out of the box). This means that by default I use them at 9600baud rate and in no special mode.

In the past I have had some problems where messages have been missed by individual devices (they are all moving around in a space) or I am sending longer realtime messages and the baud rate is possibly too slow.

Should I be setting up the xbee attached to the computer so that it is a "coordinator" and then all the receiving devices are "end devices"?

what are the tradeoffs with going to higher baudrate? i.e. is there a higher chance of errors? What are the benefits to staying at 9600 (or lower)


my experience is with series 2. with multiple xbees all config'd as endpoints chatting back to a central endpoint. I mostly had good luck but occasionally would get the data munged when multiple end points would send data back at same time. The receiver would actual mash it together.

I recently switch to a coordinator and endpoints. rock solid for me since.

Haven't messed with baud. my small data bursts are fine at default.