Xbee Can't get data


Here is my setup.
I have an accelerometer that uses I2C connection to read data.
I check my serial everything work fine.

I connect an Xbee shield to arduino and another xbee explorer to computer.
I check serial terminal nothing showing up.

My xbee configuration is not setup well not sure why??
I have the same address on both device for the xbee.

I have one xbee set to Coordinator
another xbee End Device

Here is my question, Is setting up xbee super hard…
I can’t get it to work tried so many tutorial s. I am using XCTU to configure the xbee.

Things i did while configuring
1- Change CH ID ----< made sure it is same for both xbee
2- Change DH DL -----< made sure DH =0 for both, DL in device A equal MY in device B and visa versa
3- Change MY --------< made sure MY in device A equal DL in device B and visa versa
4- Change CE-------< one xbee coordinator and one end device

Did i miss anything ?

please help

It worked

I just set both as end effector