XBee chip anitinna

chip antinna Vs wire antina, which would be better?
thanks in advanced.

chip antinna Vs wire antina, which would be better?

Hammer vs. paint brush? Which would be better?

You haven't defined any criteria for making such a decision.

which of them would have better range? either chip or wire-----XBee

which of them would have better range? either chip or wire

A stubby little chip or a long wire? Isn't that obvious?

The range increases as the antenna gets better - in both length and construction.

thats not my answer
what would you prefer, xbee with chip antinna or wire ones, for better range??

A chip antenna is not very tall, is it? No, it isn't. So, it will not be as good, in terms of ability to send/receive data, as a longer (wire) antenna.

But, just to make it real simple. The wire version is better!

Check out Digi's paper:

XBee & XBee?PRO OEM RF Module Antenna Considerations

Summarizing, they compare both the 1mW XBee and 60 mW XBee-Pro, each with a chip or whip antenna.

The radiation pattern for the whip antenna is similar to that of a dipole. That is to say, it
is shaped like a donut. Thus, the performance of a module using a whip antenna, is
relatively insensitive to its orientation in the plane that is perpendicular to the whip
antenna. On the other hand, the radiation pattern of the chip antenna is not as uniform
as that of the whip antenna. Therefore, certain orientations will achieve better
performance than others. As our evaluation was performed, the orientation was
selected to achieve the best performance. ...

After reviewing Table 1, we can make several important observations.
• The whip antenna has a range advantage over the chip antenna, but only outdoors.
• The XBee-PRO can achieve more range than the XBee.
• The XBee-PRO and XBee both achieve more range outdoors than they do indoors.

The whip antenna on the XBee module affords additional range in outdoor applications.
However, it also occupies more space. If more range is required, and space is a
constraint, then the XBee-PRO with a chip antenna may be more appropriate. On the
other hand, if more range is a requirement and cost, not space, is the constraint, then
the XBee with a whip antenna may be the best choice.
It should also be clear that the XBee-PRO can achieve superior range when compared to
the XBee. Thus, if the application requires more range than the XBee can provide, then
the XBee-PRO with a whip or a chip antenna could be used. Again, the chip antenna is
best for tight spaces, while the whip antenna achieves more range.

the tabel is for series 1 radios, can i get that of series 2 ?

the tabel is for series 1 radios, can i get that of series 2 ?

The radio is the same. Different processor/firmware.

how it could have same range,
datasheet says series1 has 1mW output and -92db sensitivity
and series2 has 2mW output with -96db sensitivity

My personal experience: Chip antenna give me roughly 40 feet indoors through one wall, or two walls whichever is shorter. Wire antenna, goes 70 feet through one wall or three walls, whichever is shorter. However, the antenna has to be pointing the same way as the other XBee. If one wire is vertical and the other is horizontal, take about 10 feet away. Outside, I really don't know, they reach the width of my yard and work fine, both types.

Series 2 regular, not pro.

thanks for information
do you have used series 1 radios? and can you say me practical range with series 1?

No, sorry. I have never used the series 1.

Has any one tried practical range with series 1 ?
then please share it with me.

Pro version. 1/2 mile thru the woods. 1 mile line of sight. 3-4 walls.