XBee - Chip or wire?

I am about to grab a couple of the $19-$20 Xbee modules. I can not find any difference between the little whip antenna, or the chip. Is there a reason one would choose one over the other? I am not going with the pro level as I do not need uber distance. I will only be transmitting about 80-100 ft. And if I need more later, they are not that expensive.

Wire antenna = better range Chip antenna = smaller package

Life is full of compromises...

I use the chip because they are less likely to get damaged. If you are packaging your project in a case it probably won't be an issue.

I am not sure if the radiation pattern differs. For 80-100ft it may not matter.

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Ok, I have been on the website and other places and can not find any difference in the product specs. Actually, in many ways they pretty much mush the pro in there too. Fortunately, pro is separated. Thanks that helps.

So any idea how much less range? I am assuming that if it is in an aluminum box I would loose even more range. Yes?

ADDED: I have seen some models which use separate antennas, Does the little whip version detach? Could it be remounted on a case? Or would you need the fancier version for this?

There were some range values in an XBee application note. This is the URL I have but it is broken --- http://ftp1.digi.com/support/images/XST-AN019a_XBeeAntennas.pdf

The wire antenna is not detachable. The whip antenna is detachable and has a cable with a co-ax connector, a case mount grommet and an elbow. The elbow enables the antenna to bend 90deg.

The whip antenna gives you the highest gain. The antenna is sold separately.

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