Xbee Communication help with sensor data


I am trying to send send sensor data from an Xbee that relays acceleration from an accelerometer connected to the Arduino Uno to a separate Xbee connected to a PC. The hardware that I would like to use includes:

XBee + LilyPad Xbee + Arduino Uno


Xbee + Xbee Explorer

Is it possible to establish a communication with this setup? My main concern is the LilyPad Xbee-- most examples I have viewed use the Xbee Shield and when I try to configure the "sender" Xbee using XCTU the radio module is not recognized (i.e. "Could not find any device in port COM3 > Error initialing Xbee device parameters > COM3: SerOpen Port failed: Port not valid").

So far I have the Arduino Uno + Xbee + LilyPad Xbee connected as follows:

Arduino LilyPad Xbee 3.3 V 3.3 V Grnd Grnd Rx Tx Tx Rx

Any help with this would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

IT may works, i had had this issue but is solved changing from port usb 2.0 to 3.0 from your xbee plugged to your computer, try this or checking your drivers.

im not expert so dont trust me too much, just trying to help