Xbee Communication

Hello there,

I've created a C# program that sends information to an arduino via serial communication. But now I'd like to do it wirelessly, and bought 2 Xbees for this: The one connected to the Arduino (end-point) is done by an XBee Shield - http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9063 The coordinator is connected to the computer through a USB Explorer - http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8687

I can't seem to set up the XBees properly. I've followed tons of tutorials including this one that seemed like the simplest: http://newecologyofthings.wik.is/Resources/3_MicroControllers-CPU_Boards/XBee_Setup_and_Resources

I guess my question is, once I do get these XBees set up, will the same code that ran before to the Arduino work when the XBees are set up? Or do I have to program the Coordinator Xbee to recieve serial data from my C# program to then send it to the end-point Xbee? In other words, to send information across Xbees, are serial commands from the computer all that's needed? Or is there more to this Xbee nightmare? :P

The configuration of XBees depends on whether they are Series 1 or Series 2/2.5. You didn't mention which series you have.

Oh I'm sorry, they are Series 2 type XBees.

Originally I tried to set them up as ZNet 2.5 AT modules, then as ZigBee API models through Rapp's firmware upgrade, but I don't believe I need to make them API enabled as I'm only going to be sending signals between 2 XBees, and all the values being sent over are Strings/Ints.

In other words, to send information across XBees, are serial commands from the computer all that’s needed?

What arrives on the XBee’s RX pin gets sent over the air. What is received over the air is send to the XBee’s TX pin.

The XBee Explorer board connects the serial port TX and RX pins to the XBee TX and RX pins.

So, send serial data from the computer to the XBee explorer board, and the XBee will broadcast it. Whatever it receives over the air, will be sent back to the serial port.

The difficult part in this is configuring the XBees to talk to each other. That’s relatively easy using the Series 1 models. It’s not so easy using Series 2 models, since the Series 2 models are not designed for point-to-point use.

I could help you with the Series 1 models, but that won’t do you any good, since that’s not what you have.