xbee compatibility

hi. i am new to arduino and the like. i am interested in making remote controlled devices. i was wondering if i can use my old 2.4ghz transmitter from old park flyer as transmitter and if so what can i use to recieve the comands and control my arduino. are xbee recievers compatible with these sort of things? is there any other device i could use? cheers.

All Xbees are compatible with Arduino, and there are plenty of notes available online about using them together. Check http://blog.faludi.com, http://makingthingstalk.com, and http://itp.nyu.edu/physcomp, all three sites have some xbee notes. See also the FIO (http://funnel.cc/Hardware/FIO) and Stonesthrow (http://www.spinningtheweb.org/stonesthrow/?page_id=45)

thank you for the reply, i am more concerned about the compatibility of xbee with other transmitters. on my small budget i would like to try to use as much hardware i already have rather than buying new gear. is it possible to transmit comands from a "ready to fly" style park flyer 2.4ghz transmitter i already have lying around to a single arduino rather than getting two arduinos kitted out with xbee gear?

I don't think you will get your 2.4ghz transmitter to talk to the XBee. The XBee is more than just a transceiver.

The XBees implement a protocol that requires the sender to retransmit if a packet was dropped. That requires bi-directional communication, which your transmitter can not accomplish. Unless it's a transceiver, which I guess you would have mentioned.