xbee configuration MAC OS X

I have just started with xBee modules. I still dont belief that mac cant configure an xbee. Is there any form to configure an xBee? I downloaded moltosenso as an alternative to windows X-CTU, but this doesnt recognize further than the port... I dont really understand the whole stuff. Please, someone can give some tipps, im a newbee!


Please, someone can give some tipps

Install Windows.

so its impossible without windows or linux?

thanks for answering

As far as I know, the only program for configuring the XBees is X-CTU and that is available for Windows only. Of course, there are ways to run virtual machines on the Mac, and the virtual machine(s) can be running different OSs. So, you could run X-CTU in a Windows based virtual machine on your Mac. The cost of doing this is something I'm not familiar with, being trapped in a Windows world.

X-CTU runs on a windows vm under Mac OS X (I used VMware Fusion and a windows XP).

The Xbee devices I am familiar with (a very short list) can be configured via a standard terminal application by putting it into a configuration mode (send +++ is the default), then configure with AT commands. This can be done with any terminal application on any operating system. you could probably even use the Arduino serial monitor.

I doubt you can do things like flash new firmware onto the xbee, but for changing addresses, baud rates, etc, it works just fine. Just read the manual to find the appropriate AT commands.


I doubt you can do things like flash new firmware onto the xbee

You can't.

I am not sure but I got the chance to open the ports with CoolTerm, its not a virtual emulator, but I can figure out the ports. Im trying also moltosenso, which for what I read looks like is an alternative option to X-CTU. I still canĀ“t give feedback about. Thanks for the help, by the way.

PS: Just wanted to give a modest opinion about the answers: short answers doesnt help at all! with a minimum explanation of one tag, perhaps is better to clarify, not just me, others with the same problem.

Dear users,

you can give a chance to moltosenso Network Manager IRON.

It can be downloaded for free from:

The user manual can be downloaded from here:

Actually, MNM IRON does not just recognize ports where the Xbee is plugged in, but has exactly the same functionalities of X-CTU.
It's just a matter of discovering them.

We are available to help further if the manual is not clear, but thousands of users have abandoned X-CTU for our software since it's easier, best looking, more reliable and, of course, cross-platform (Win/Linux/Mac).

Then, if you have more specific needs, have a look to the moltosenso Network Manager BRONZE or SILVER releases.
You will find professional software to manage Digi International Xbee modules...

Hope you can change your mind about the usability of our product!

Kind regards.

User Manual 2012v001r2.zip (3.91 MB)