Hello there,

I bought:

  • Official Arduino UNO rev3
  • Official Wireless SD Shield
  • Official DIGI XBEE S6B (wifi 802.11)

To configure the module as client (ad hoc mode), from my understanding, we should use a specific application for this: XCTU from digi.com, in this way:

I plugged : S6B module --> SD Wireless Shield --> Arduino (Serial selector on the wireless as USB)

Once done, i plugged the usb wire to the arduino. I ran XCUT and launched the discovering. Without success.

I saw also that we can find some xbee explorer module.


Does we must configure the S6B module via XBEE explorer USB only ?

Is it possible to configure the S6B module from the arduino uno ?

Thank you.

Did you solve it? Thanks for all