XBee control led two xbee one arduino.

Hey guys, I have two xbee series 1, arduino uno R3, led, sparkfun xbee explorer, and sparkfun xbee arduino uno shield. My two RF mods are paired and in the same network and both plugged in (one to pc with explorer, the other on the uno/shield). My code is below, I am trying to make a led turn on when I type "a" and off when I type "b" (p.s the switch on my shield that has UART or DLINE is selected for dline) When I use coolterm terminal and connect to the xbee that is on the explorer that is connected to my pc I can do +++ and get an OK back from what I believe is the remote RF mod but when I type a or b nothing happens. Thanks

void setup() {
  Serial.begin(9600);        //initialize serial
  pinMode(13, OUTPUT);    //set pin 13 as output

void loop() {
  while(Serial.available()){  //is there anything to read?
    char getData = Serial.read();  //if yes, read it

    if(getData == 'a'){     
     digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
    }else if(getData == 'b'){
     digitalWrite(13, LOW);

Also I am using coolterm