Xbee explorer cable problem

Hello to everyrone i have some problem with my Xbee eplorer and its cable and cant get connect to X-TCU.

We connect the 2 Xbee on university’s PC and they got connect on first try. When i took them home and tried to re-programm them on Windows7 after istalled all FTDI drives, all Xbee Drivers still getting disconect. Seems like the programm cannot find the
cable.On X-TCU when i pres TEST-Query the RX Led on the Xbee is blinking but cant connect.

I am using SainSmart XBee USB Adapter and 2 Xbee S1 Series.

I also installed the XP professional on VirtualMachine and still no connect.

A printscreen of that i see on Win7, i say again install everything of FTDI,XBee drivers found on any site :confused: