Xbee Explorer Dongle or Regulated problem?

Guys, i am using an Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16MHz. I use one analog output and four digital outputs. I wrote my sketch on the Arduino IDE and upload my sketch on the Arduino Pro Mini using the 5V FTDI Breakout Board via the six pin headers. When i open serial monitor, i get the correct values. The values that i wanted. :)

However, when i disconnect the 5V FTDI Breakout Board and connect the Xbee Explorer Regulated to my Pro Mini to transmit my data wirelessly, i get incorrect data on the receiver end when i open serial monitor. :( My receiver end consists of a Xbee Explorer Dongle+chipped Xbee.

I checked that the two chipped Xbees that i m using are working well.

Guys, do you all know what is the problem? :)

Appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. :)

Guys, i solved the problem already. My receiver end is able to show the values that i wanted using the serial monitor.

However,i encountered another problem. The delay is set at 400, means every 0.4 secs data are rolling in. But at times, the serial monitor shows data coming in at like 0.1 secs or faster. I need to press the reset button when this happens and data comes in at 0.4 secs again. I do not know what is the cause. Can anyone help? Is it poor contact or something? :slight_smile: