Xbee, getting started, signal quality

Hi everyone, I'm trying to get started with xbee. I have a couple of xbee pro series 2, and i'm trying to using to control an RC Airplane.

I would like some recomendations from the experts to get me on the right way. I would like some suggestions about baud rate, at or api mode. Also, i would like to know which way would be the best to measure the signal quility (i think it would be nice to know if my airplane is going out of boudries), i read in the manual you could get this from pin pwm0 or if you ar in API mode you can get it from the packets.

and also how many bytes could you send at once (i asked this in another topic, but hasn't been replied), my plan was to send a packet like this to the plain:

validator posservo1 posservo2 posservo3 posservo4 posservo5 so it would looke like 255 90 180 45 30 45

hope to get this going, thanks in advanced, hope this thread will hep someone else as lost as i am.

There was a thread discussing this that you may be interested in, see:http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1224015782

thanks mem for the link, i did check that thread and the blog, it has good information.

My questions was made heading more towards my specific case, which is... i need to send 6 or 8 bytes size packets to the xbee in the airplain, so what would be the best baud rate i should use to have a fewer data packet loss and have a smooth move. And regarding the signal, i want to make something similar to CellPhone singal bars. (I have a joystick connected to the computer, and a "control panel" where i have sliders that represents the servos, and make some function,and i would like to add the "singal bars" to it)

I'm checking some documentation in the mean time, if you know also where i cand may find this kind of information i will really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot bro :]

There is a write-up of a project for displaying xbee signal strength here: http://asasni.cs.up.ac.za/images/d/df/PWM_GJL_vr1.pdf

you can find more if you search for: xbee rssi

Have fun!