Hello Everyone: I am new to the Arduino-XBee stuff. I am working on a project that needs the use of many Arduino-Xbee devices. I am using XBee Series 1. My goal is:

  1. Bunch of Arduinos get together; each broadcasts its present
  2. If two Arduinos have something in common (e.g.: Arduino 1 is looking for a pen and Arduino 2 has an extra pen), switch the two Arduinos from Broadcasting to peer-to-peer

I looked at the XBee.h file by rappa. However, there are few things I cannot understand. For example, in Tx_Series1 eaxample:

// 16-bit addressing: Enter address of remote XBee, typically the coordinator Tx16Request tx = Tx16Request(0x1874, payload, sizeof(payload));

is this MY of the other XBee?

If someone has any suggestions on how to reach my goals, I will appreciate it. Thanks you all very much