xbee in the industrial enviroment.

I was wondering how well the xbees can reject electronic noise. My company wants me to make some remote hoist controlls and I thought that the xbees might work. Furthest I would be from it is 30 feet. Voltages present in the area of the hoists range from 12vdc all the way to 2400 vac.

Digi.com, the makers of the XBee, have a place where you can ask technical questions like this, and get answers. Try asking there, and letting us know what they say.

Or, just buy a pair and try them out in your environment.

DC voltage doesn't typically produce noise. AC does.

thanks paul, will fire off an email to them and post results.


I do not know what geographical area you live in, but if it is either Canada or the US you will not be able to use an xBee for a hoist control as it will not qualify under OSHA rules that require the use of dual redundant systems and an MCR (Master Control Relay) on programmable devices; to ensure that things like EMI (aka electrical noise) and programming hiccups don't create a dangerous work environment.

Europe also has similar legislation that would most likely prohibit the use of an xBee . . . and probably an Arduino from being used in any part of a lift control.

Many jurisdictions require some form of a PSHR (Pre-Start Health and Safety Review) of new machines or sub-systems, before they are approved for use in an industrial environment. During this process, the consulting engineer will carefully review the electrical design, the safety circuit including MCR and the components chosen that will interact with the MCR.

Sadly, neither Arduinos nor xBee's are sufficiently “work hardened” to really qualify for use in any piece of industrial equipment that could be considered a health and safety hazard.