Xbee issue


I've configured a few XB24-ASI-001 (one as coordinator, 3 as endpoint). On the coordinator I've got a signal on pin20 and when it changes it sends a signal to the other endpoints , which makes it activate pin20 aswell. (using digital inputs and digital outputs)

It was rather easy, a few options and I had exactly what I needed, a signal relayed from one xbee to the other 3 so I could turn on a flashing light somewhere far.

I did have an issue, the signal strenght wasn't good enough and it wouldn't always work, even with high gain antennas.

I so decided to buy a high power extended range xbee: XBP24-Z7SIT-004J.

To my surprise, settings weren't the same at all. I've been toying for a few days with firmwares and settings but I cannot manage to use what seems to be "Line passing" (relaying a high/low pin to other xbees).

I've gone thru google and datasheets many times, and it seems it could be that this series 2 pro xbee doesn't have that option, to relay a digital input on one xbee to a digital output onto the others.

Is it possible? Am I doing something wrong?

If it's not possible to do that with this xbee, is there any high power long range xbee I can use with RP-SMA connector to add my high gain antenna?

Thanks so much in advance for whoever reads this, and have a good day.

ps: I'm using AT command mode (AT coordinator and AT router/endpoint), and I've managed to establish communication using XCTU's console. It's just the other thing that doesn't work.