Xbee issues on what should be a quick project.


I decided to build what should be an extremely easy project this week, but I have run into an issue. The project is a PIR alarm... just a basic PIR sensor, attached to an Arduino, connected to an Xbee. The program is even simpler... if the PIR detects movement the xbee transmits data accordingly. Everything was working well on my Arduino mega so I downloaded the sketch to my 3.3v Pro Micro, and attached the hardware using the same wires. When I turned it on the Pro Micro lit up, but did not transmit any data over the Xbee (I have another Xbee attached to my computer).

I have no idea why the Xbee is not working on the PRO Micro. The program is clearly not the issue as it works fine on the Mega, and on the Pro Micro when not using the Xbee. The Xbee is not the problem as it works on the Mega. Also, it should not be the board that is having issue because it transmits data fine with out the xbee. The wiring can not be a problem because its the same for both boards, and I have tripled checked that I plugged the wires in correctly when moving them over to the Pro Micro (there are only 6 wires).

Is there anything that I have missed?

Just wondering if the Micro Pro can supply enough current to the XBee for it to work properly. Or is it powered in a different way?

I would try to change the code to have the XBee use a SoftwareSerial and include plenty of diagnostic output to the Arduino's Serial console. At least you can try to follow what happens at each step. Just in idea...