XBEE like Radio Modules!

I want to use XBEE type of Radio modules ,can you name some?

What do you mean by “XBee type”?

Like XBees or XBee pinout/footprint?
Or what versions/models of XBee modules are there?

i was basically needing a cost effective way to connect wirelessly, I know XBEE Well and how to use it in any way but it's cost is a major deterrent factor that is making me avoid them ,the fact that i need one XBEE as a Main Controller and atleast one more as a router or end system coupled with the cost of ADAPTER + Breakout board .

but i have found these RF 433.9 Wireless Modules pretty Cost effective and sufficing my need for Through wall Wireless Connection.

http://tenettech.com/product.php?id_product=337 for the transmitter and i will get the receiver through the same place too.

Regards, Nishant Sood

Ok so are you actually wanting to know something now or are you just telling us what you are using?

When it comes to radios, you get what you pay for. The XBee, by the way, is much more than just a radio.

Depending on what each node in your system is doing, you might not, in fact, need an Arduino at that node, if you use XBees.

With the dumb (as is not intelligent, not as in stupid) radios you linked to, you will most definitely need an Arduino at each node.

@ Mowicus I was initially needing expert replies from all you people to know some cheap modules, i have found those thank you! for your Consideration, Mowicus.

@Paul S I know how to expertly operate the XBEE but the thing is cost it's atleat calling for about Rs.4,400(Two XBEE's ,One Adapter needed in any case for loading Firmware and One Breakout board, so the Minimalist Shopping list even when i'll employ one of my Arduino's to function as adapter and fit XBEE on it!) but these dumb RF Modules atleast will provide me the Basic need that is flow Information Through solid Wall's in just Rs.730 ,as you can see there's a Big Difference.