xbee mesh

Hi all,

I face Problem....
I want to create a mesh with xbees s2 (1 Coordinator and up to 5 router). All 6 xbees are connected to a Arduino uno. The Routers should read sensor values and send it to the coordinator. The coordinator should send Messages always to one of this 5 Routers.

Can you help me, because I have no idea about the Code and Settings i have to do.

What I have so far: 6x xbee, 5x Arduino UNO, 1x Arduino Mega(should be the coordinator), 1x xbee Explorer dongle, XCTU Software and GITHUB Lib.

I tried a lot with the samples give from github, but never even get the first example running with two unos...
I set one xbee as coordinator, PAN ID and AP=2. I did the same for the router.
When I uploaded the Code only the router Serial Monitor showed something... nothing arrived in the Serial Monitor of the coordinator.... :frowning:
Would be great if you can give me a small hint to get it running. The bigger Project with 6 xbees maybe come than by itselfe...