XBee Module (as coordinator ) supports Mesh topology??


I would like to know whether i can use one XBEE Module interfaced with Arduino as a coordinator which recieves data from different other nodes( different other XBee Modules) simultaneously?? Does it support Mesh topology? If so,Can you explain it in brief?


No nothing happens simultaneously.

Does it support Mesh topology


Can you explain it in brief?

It is in the data sheet, it is the 'other mode' of operation.

This is what i need. I have various sensors attached to ZigBee Nodes. and one ZigBe coordinator fixed to a uC. Just wanted to know whether this ZigBee coordinator can recieve data from all these sensors with a minimum interval of time? In each five minutes, , I should have continuosly read data from all the sensors and give it to this uC through ZigBee technology. Possible?

Also, Is there any option to interface ZigBee Modules directly with Sensors without using any uC?

Thanks in advance

Series 2 modules support mesh networking. Series 1 modules do not. You ought to tell us which you have.



Please check the link. Think its series 2.5 . . What do you say?

What do you say?

No, it's series 1:

Supported Network Topologies: Point-to-point, Point-to-multipoint & Peer-to-peer

No mesh networking mentioned. Series 1 modules are point to point.

oh… i see… thanks…wil b in touch for further help…