Xbee module s2

Hi! I've been searching for a solution to my problema, without finding anything. I got 2 Xbee Module s2 with the Xbee Shield found on the Arduino website, but I can't understand: - How to configure the two different modules - How to connect the modules (one to Arduino UNO and one to Arduino Esplora) - How to make them communicate using arduino

Can anybody help me? Thank you....

Hi, google Xbee Module s2 Shield Arduino tutorial

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At minute 14.36 he starts doing things that I don't understand. I mean: he's not using the Shield, so maybe I don't even have to configure the D pins, do I? I mean, if I do configure them, how can I send inputs to them using the shield? Thanks

Is this the XBee shield you have?



  • How to configure the two different modules

I think you’ll find some helpful information on the topic here:


  • How to connect the modules (one to Arduino UNO and one to Arduino Esplora)

With the Uno, the shield makes it very easy. There is a 2x3 female header on the bottom of the shield and a 2x3 male header on the Uno. There is a row of 1x male headers on each side of the shield and a row of 1x female headers on each side of the Uno. There is only one way you can plug the shield into the Uno and make a connection between the 2x3 header and the 1x headers.

Since the Esplora doesn’t use the standardized form factor as with the Uno, you can’t simply plug the shield into the Esplora. Unfortunately, Arduino doesn’t provide a schematic or board design files for the shield and I don’t own one, so I’m not exactly sure which of the pins must be connected and which are just there for mechanical purposes mounting the shield to a standard Arduino board. So any advice I can provide for connecting the shield to the Esplora is only my best guess. Maybe someone else with more knowledge will chime in here.

The safest approach would be to connect ever pin on the shield to the equivalent pin on the Esplora. However, that is not possible because the necessary pins are not available on the Esplora.

The 2x3 header on the shield is used to connect to a standardized ICSP header. Fortunately, the Esplora does have an ISCP header. On the Uno, there is a white dot printed on the PCB next to one corner of the ICSP header to indicate pin 1. You can use that to orient you to which pin is pin one of the ICSP header on the shield. On the Esplora, the ICSP header’s pin 1 is marked with a number 1 printed on the PCB near one corner of the header. Use male to female jumper wires to connect all pins of the ICSP header between the shield and the Esplora.

The XBee does support communication over SPI, which is provided by the ICSP header, however my quick research indicates that UART (serial) is most often used to communicate between XBee modules and Arduino boards. The serial pins are not provided on the ISCP header. Instead, they are on one of the female headers on the Esplora. They are shown on this pinout:

Make the connections between the pins marked 0 and 1 in the purple boxes in the above diagram and the male pins on the shield that would plug in to pins 0 and 1 if you were using the shield on an Uno.

I believe that is all the pins you need to connect between the shield and the Esplora.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the XBee is connected to Serial on the Uno and Serial1 on the Esplora. Since Serial is also used for communication with your computer, the connection to the XBee can interfere with uploads to your Uno. I believe this is the reason for the jumpers on the shield. If they are in the “USB” position (as marked on the silkscreen), that should allow you to upload to the Uno. Then you need to move them to the “XBee” position to connect the Uno to the XBee. On the Esplora, this is not an issue since pins 0 and 1 on the Esplora are Serial1, not Serial. You can leave the jumpers in the “XBee” position on the shield connected to the Esplora.

Thank you very much!

You’re welcome. I’m glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy!