XBee & MPU-6050 incompatibility

Hello everyone,

I am building a quadrotor for my senior project. I just ran into an issue with an XBee series 1 and MPU-6050. The MPU-6050 is at the center of the quadrotor and cannot be moved in order to retain valid sensor readings. The XBee shield is over the sensor, and the jumper wires between the MPU-6050 and the i2C bus on the protoboard are pressed down by the shield even when using long headers. I am in the process or re-soldering the sensor flipped horizontally so that the jumpers don’t touch the shield. The odd part is that my other sensor, an Adafruit BMP085, works just fine. Both sensors have a moongel pad underneath them to help counteract vibration from the motors, and have been running fine with the moongel for weeks.

-reading values over the USB serial port without the shield: BMP085 and MPU-6050 both work
-reading values over the USB serial port with the shield: MPU-6050 does not work but the BMP085 does
-reading values wirelessly over X-CTU (XBee terminal) with the shield: MPU-6050 does not work but the BMP085 does

I am running cut-and-pasted code from Github and Adafruit’s BMP085 demo. (See attachments)

Does anyone have any idea why an Xbee/Xbee shield would stop the MPU-6050 from working?

Please advise. See attached pictures for layout.



MPU6050_BMP085_Serial.ino (6.61 KB)