xbee not talking

I have purchased xbee shields with xbee modules (xb24-awi-001) from BHASHA TECHNOLOGIES ,PUNE,INDIA and I m testing
Both just by uploading physical pixel(EX/Comm)code from arduino environment to one mcu and by printing “H”
&”L” on serial monitor with one second delay to other mcu .
As these xbee shield and module also tested with these code in Supplier company s lab. I am using one arduino board which upload code with Usb port(com no some >from 1&2) And another one is severino board which upload code with serial port(com1&2) Is there any problem with these two different board Where I m making mistake, Why my xbees are not talking, I havet change any setting of xbee module, till now. i m using just default setting,and i m following instruction given in HELP\getting started\xbee shield in arduino environment.
Please send me some guideline


Have you set up the xbee's to use the same channel?

If not, take a look at this:


Scroll down to the "Configure with XCTU" part of the page (it's the program I prefer to use - gives you a sort of gui for selecting what options to change)


download X-CTU from the Digi's web.

Upload the same AT Firmware in the two Xbees.


Thanks jezuz,zigbe31416 :slight_smile:
i have downloaded X-CTU and test configuration of my xbee
modems , it replies me XB24,firmware version=10E6.
And read all parameters ,which are default parameters.
Both XBEE modem are configured as channel C(having same channel)
and ATID is 3332(network ID)which is again same for both.
My QUE is , should i change MY and Destination parameters(DH &DL)
in order to make communication in between two.
OR it will work with default setting.
Thanks in advance

You need to have MY on one XBee match DL on the other XBee. It's unlikely that they do as shipped, so, yes, you need to change them.

need help
things which i have done:

  1. set one module parameters using XCTU like
  2. set another module parameter like
  3. uploaded Serial Test code,on arduino with xbee shield
    Sends "testing..." over the serial connection once per second
    while blinking the LED on pin 13
    4.another module is connected to pc using FTDI usb explorer board and i m waiting to see "testing" on terminal tab of XCTU
    5.first setup of xbee with arduino,i m watching testing .. on serial monitor and blinking of PIN 13 LED with blinking of TX LED.
    But ,when i disconnect usb port ,blinking of LED 13 is continue and Tx led is now off,when i change jumpers to xbee from usb side.
  4. second xbee connected to pc with usb explorer board is not receiving any chacter
    Please suggest me , what should i do?
    Thanks in advance

One XBee must be running the Coordinator firmware and the other must be running the Router/End Device firmware. Use XCTU to write the appropriate firmware onto the devices. With the proper firmware and proper addressing, they will communicate.

thanks nootropic,
i agree with you, but i have one doubt,since i m using XBEE24-AWI-001(series-1) having firmware version=10E6.
Both module having same version, how can i decide firmware for coordinator and router/end device.
XCTU update all versions ,it goes up to xbeepro.
when i m updating firmware ,should i connect xbee modem to usb.
please guide me.

Hi to All,
I have established Wireless simplex comm Mode( Between MCU(Arduino ATMEGA8)and PC)using XBEE Modems. Tested by sending a string from MCU.
Also i have tested, Programm is running on MCU (BY uploading a code for counter) and transmitting this by XBEE modem and received at another XBEE modem, enjoying it on TEMINAL( BY X-CTU).
Thanks for your Help & Guidance