Xbee on relayduino kta-223 (works on arduino uno without problems)

Trying to get xbee to work on a Relayduino kta-223.
-Libelium v1.1 Xbee shield
-Xbee Pro S1

This is the sketch on the arduino:

void setup() {
Serial.begin(19200);  //xbee chips are configured at 19200
Serial.print("test xbee");

Receiving end is a xbee explorer USB board. Monitoring is done with XCTU software, terminal tab.

When I plug the complete Xbee shield on a Arduino UNO it works without problem (this indicates to me that the xbee configuration is correct).
However when I plug the shield to my relayduino I get nothing out of the xbee.

The relayduino has no icsp header on the right spot so I used wires to connect the xbee shield (is it correct that the xbee shield only uses icsp to power the shield?)

Can anyone suggest any solution approaches/debug steps?

The first thing I'd do is check the voltage at physical pin 1 on the XBee. Make sure it's getting 3.3 volts. Also is the Association light blinking? An LED between physical pin 15 and ground should turn on and off repeatedly for an 802.15.4 (series 1) radio at all times, and for a ZigBee radio (series 2) that's associated with a network. These two tests are a good first sanity-check step for seeing if you XBee has power and is performing right internally.

Thank you for your response, I checked the voltage, it is at 3.28 The associate led is blinking but only for 3-5 seconds on restart. After that it turns off and stays off. However when I put the shield on the arduino uno the led keeps blinking constantly. Anyone any suggestion how to get it to work on the relayduino?

Anyone any suggestion how to get it to work on the relayduino?

Without knowing what a relayduino is? Not likely. Post a link that describes what a relayduino is.

As mentioned in the topic title it is about the kta-223, manufactured by oceans control: http://www.oceancontrols.com.au/KTA-223.html

The controller is based on the hardware of the Arduino physical computing controllers. It can be programmed as a stand-alone controller using the free, open source Arduino environment. Internally, the controller is “shield compatible”, allowing the use of many extension boards designed for the Arduino Deumilanove.

Thank you in advance

From Ocean's Control, the manufacturer of the relayduino, I received the following tips:

You would have to make sure all the connections from the ICSP header that are required for the xbee shield are connected to the right pins I haven't used it with an xbee shield for quite some time and I don't know if the xbee shield has changed at all. You would need to make sure that it is also set up correctly with regard to the pins that are not used for communication. If they are connected on the xbee shield and set as an input or output and the 223 has something different configured that could cause a problem. Is he loading the same sketch to the uno and the 223? Are the baud rates correct? There are so many possibilities, it will most likely be something wrong with wiring or configuration.

Although it didn't help me I thought I post it here for others that might land on this page trough google.

I tried to setup pin 0 and 1 to accomodate the TX and RX:

void setup() {
  Serial.begin(19200);  //xbee chips are configured at 19200
  Serial.print("start xbee");
  pinMode(0, INPUT);  //RX
  pinMode(1, OUTPUT);  //TX

void loop() {
  Serial.print("test xbee");

But that doesn't help, and al the others pins are not used by the Xbee but are just passed trough. http://www.arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/XbeeShieldSchematic.pdf The only pins that are used by the ISCP are the grnd, 5V and the reset line (although I hardly believe leaving the reset line unconnected can obstruct the shield from working)

If anyone has some more ideas to debug this problem I would be happy!