Xbee Point to MultiPoint Network

Hello, I am trying to create a point to multipoint network.

I did it but it has some downs. One of my Xbee is the coordinator
and it is supposed to receive data from all other Xbees.

It does that, but if, for example, two Xbees send data at the same time,
only one will be received and the oder one has to wait abou 5-6 seconds
untill it's possible to send it's data. The problem is with that interval of 5-6 seconds.

Is there a solution to minimize that interval. Increasing baud rate will change anything?

Thank you

Is there a solution to minimize that interval.

Yes. It involves you posting some code and configuration information first, though.

I'd guess, though, that the point is using broadcast mode to talk to the multi-points. Then, all the multi-points scream out a response immediately, and only one message actually gets through.

If that is the case, visit a kindergarten class, and see how the teacher (the single point XBee) deals with the students (the multi-point XBees). The students are not allowed to all shout out an answer at once. The teacher asks a question, and the students raise their hands if they want to respond. The teacher then calls on ONE student to answer.

That is exactly the idea.

So, I've set up a couple of xbees as end devices and one as coordinator.
And i want to get some info from end devices to coordinator so i can update a scoring board.
The thing is that i've set up and interval (from arduino) so that each end device will send data
in a given time slot. The idea is frist xbee sends data at second 1, then at second 4 and so on,
the second xbee at second 2.5, 5.5 and so on. But the disadvantage is that it will take about 5 seconds to fully
update the scoring board.. in case if all goes well. But if i'll have let's say 10 end devices the time interval between
updates will be a lot longer.

The thing is that i want to minimize this interval to less than a second. And I cannot find a solutionfor that.
Experimenting i foud that it takes about 1.5 seconds for the coordinator to "listen" to another end device with a baud rate of 9600 (i'm guessing it's because hand-shaking, retransmissions if necessary and so on ).