xbee pro series 1 vs xbee pro series 2B comparison

Hello all,

Can somebody please clarify the difference between these two chips?

From my research I see,

Series 2B has more power output, more range, less power used, but the infrastructure is much harder. I also know you cannot mix series 1 xbee with series 2 xbee, so I want to decide on a series to use now.

Essentially I guess what I want to know is, how much of a chore is the infrastructure to overcome? Is it worth using 2B, or just sticking to 1? I am looking to do fluid communication between various chips on a network. So like block A is blue, and tells block B to turn blue, then when block B is blue it tells A to turn red and so on.

Hopefully I am clear in what I am asking.


No input guys?

From my understanding, the difference is basically mesh capability. The 2B's can build mesh networks, and the 1's can't. I've got 2B's and they really weren't that hard to configure and being able to make a mesh means they don't all have to be in range of a single master.

If you're just putting them in place and never moving them then they will be fine. Once you want them to build networks on the fly it gets much more difficult.

These days, unless you actually want to use the processor on the ZB radios to do things, rather than just connect arduino's to them all, I'd be looking at the nRF24L01+ chips or the equivalent 433Mhz radios, they are simple to get running but are significantly cheaper. You might also look at the new Wifi ESP8266 chips, although they are very new and support likely isn't that great yet.