Xbee pro series 2 reset problem


I'm having some troubles with my arduino 2009 + arduino shield + xbee pro series 2 in Api mode.

I'm building an application where amongst other things, the panID of the coordinator im setting up is chosen according to a setting on a rotary switch connected to the arduino.

I wrote my own little api code that behaves well, atleast for now.. but:

I set the panId, get a confirmation. Okay, so I send a software reset command (FR). After that, it seems that the arduino itself resets too. I checked all the traces on the shield, none of them are connected to the reset circuit of the arduino.. I don't save the settings in the xbee memory (WR), because I can imagine this location getting corrupt after so many rewrites.

I'm at a crossroad here.. Could it be that the Xbee draws to much power and forces the arduino in reset? I'm powering everthing from 9v DC soldered straight to the jack. There is a 1000uF cap on this rail, as well as a 1000uF cap soldered on the shield (before the 3.3v regulator).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


An Arduino can reset if there is a bug in the code - it could be a wild pointer or some such animal.

I ran into a similar problem with my Xbee Pros. Assuming you use the X-CTU programming software to program the Xbees, make absolutely sure you are programming these as Zigbees not Znets or something else. If you have to, you might have to force the X-CTU program to write these as XBP24-ZBs once to get everything back to normal. :-?

I'm powering everthing from 9v DC soldered straight to the jack.

What is providing the 9V? Not one of those wimpy little 9V batteries, I hope.

Regular XBees draw way too much current for that. The Pros draw even more current.