xbee problem

When I try to read the xbee from xctu it asks me to press the reset button but in my board I dont have an reset button so I connected the 5th pin to the ground pin but the message does not go. In the terminal window when I type 3 + signs nothing happens. and when I try to write any firmware it gives me same message window to press the reset button.. but nothing happens.. And it i press cancel then I get the following message

Getting modem type....Failed to enter command mode Check Com Port and Baud settings and try again. Write Parameters...Failed

what should I do?

It would appear, from your description, that you have bricked your XBee. All is not lost, however. They can be unbricked. How depends on which XBee you have. Google "XBee brick", then look for your particular XBee.

The version was 10E8 and I am not getting it anywhere can you help? the modem was XB24. and never changed the function set so it's gonna be XBEE 802.15.4. I searched but couldn't understand much form the searches

okay I got the 10e8 now what?

There are series 1 and series 2/2.5 XBees. The process for unbricking a series 1 model is different from the process for unbricking a series 2/2.5 model.

The series has nothing to do with the communications protocol (802.15.4) and little to do with the firmware version (10E8).

If the XBee doesn't say what series it is on it, it's a series 1.

Getting modem type....OK Programming modem...Lost communication with modem Write Parameters...Failed

This was the message I got when I tried to write the default settings