Xbee pull down resistor issue

I've got 3 xbee XBP24CAPIT-001 modules. 1 setup as coordinator and 2 endpoints. Both endpoints have the same settings.

I'm using the digital I/O to pass pushbutton inputs through the Xbee's to micro controllers. I've got the Xbee's communicating and have used a 4th xbee to view network communication on XCTU. I have been able to pass digital I/O from the coordinator to both endpoints successfully.

I've setup the coordinator and both endpoints to enable all pull down resistors.

I'm having issues with digital inputs 2, 3, & 4 (pins 11, 17 & 18) on the coordinator all being at ~1.6V when not enabled. With the pull down resistors, I would expect 0V. DIO0 and DIO1 work correctly. I've tried rotating which xbee is the coordinator any keep having pins 11, 17, 18 de-energized at 1.6V. I've removed the coordinator from it's board and have just hooked up the power pins and still 1.6V. I've purchased a new xbee and right out of the package, same issue. It's causing issues de-asserting the input once the button is released and I have no idea what is causing those pull downs not to work correctly and can't think of anything more to troubleshoot.

I think it's gotta be in the settings, but I can't figure out what would do it. Below the important settings, I didn't touch much outside of these.

Function set: 802.15.4 TH PRO Firmware: 2001 MM: 802.15.4 + Max Stream header w/ACKS A1: 0 A2: 0 D0: DI D1: DI D2: DI D3: DI D4: DI D0: Associated indicator [1] D8: Disable P0; RSSI P1: Disabled PR: FF (all active) PD: 0 (all pull down) IU: Enabled IT: 1 IC: 0 IR: 96 PT: FF RP:28 IA: FF T0:FF T1:FF T2:FF T3:FF T4:FF T5:FF T6:FF T7:FF

I don't want to solder in external pull downs unless I have to. It seems like a patch to the issue instead of a resolution.

Pullups work correctly.

Any help would be much appreciated. -Sean