Xbee question (wireless LED control)

I have been using the arduino for awhile for basic control interfaces and such. I now have been given a project to light 3 LEDs wirelessly.
I will have one control box with a switch to turn the LEDs on, or off. This controller will wirelessly light 3 (separate locations) LEDs. The recievers will need to be run off of a battery.

I was thinking:
control: 1xardunio, 1x XBee, & switch
3x Recievers: 1xarduino(if needed?), 1xXBee, 1x LED

I am having trouble getting started in this project. I have never used wireless before. It seems that the Xbee would be the best solution for this. Is this correct? Could anyone point me in the direction of getting this to work? How easy is it to get the XBee to transmit the simple signal I need to send?


Hi Goillini…
I had this same problem a few weeks ago when I did my tank remote project… I wrote a blog about my xbee shield setup… i included links to people that helped me figure it out, and some people commented and gave me some advise.

You could probably do this with just XBees since the XBees have digital I/O capability. One XBee would read the switch the others would receive the data.

(* jcl *)

Remember that an IR system does not use any wires so it is wireless, it's just not radio.

How do the I/O pins on the xbee work? say i want to set a remote led on, what is the command i need to use? i'm trying to do a simple switching on project like the above but not sure how to use the i/o lines. any small example would do.

cheers, Pracas ::)

You may want to check "Making Things Talk" or the XBee datasheet. I have not played with the digital IO lines.

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Datasheet isnt very clear... And I dont have a copy of 'making things talk' . Its not available in any of the bookstores here. :(

Cheers, Prakash

i have a similar project and i aslo can't figure out how to get the I/O pins to work. did any of you guys ever get it to work?

any help would be greatly appreciated



I did manage to get it work through a lot of tinkering... however towards the end of it my xbee failed and i let it go at that... couldn't document the process as i was way too much into modifying things in desperation to get it work [usually happens with me!]... will try and update..i'm sure there are a few blog entries somewhere detailing the process...

Cheers, Pracas